Monday, June 6, 2016

Event Cancelled

6th June 2016

Today, on behalf of BluesandSoul247 Ltd, I've made the decision to cancel the Sisters of Blues and Soul Festival, due to take place in Todmorden between the 8th and 10th of July.

Unfortunately, even with a long head start, ticket sales are not sufficient at this stage to make it financially viable to go ahead with the event. After looking at costs to proceed with the festival from this point, against the cost of cancelling, it was a tough decision that had to be taken.

Tickets already purchased will of course be refunded. This will happen over the next 7 days and the money will be returned through PayPal to the original PayPal account from which it came.

In order to be fair to the bands scheduled to perform, I felt it necessary to make this decision today so they have as much time as possible to cancel accommodation and reschedule their activities.

On a personal note, I've consulted long and hard with those closest to me before making a decision that I know will both disappoint and inconvenience a number of people. I trust you'll understand my position and appreciate the reasons I'm cancelling.

Jason Elliott